30 Calls in 30 Days Sweepstakes

Contest is over but you can enter our NEW 30 Day Giveaway! www.ducks.org/30DayGiveaway

Contest is over but you can enter our NEW 30 Day Giveaway! www.ducks.org/30DayGiveaway

The 30 Calls in 30 Days contest has concluded and we'd like to thank all of our participants.  

If you weren't among the lucky winners, we wanted to let you know that you can still get the DU Buck Gardner Black Swirl Duck Call!

Here are 3 ways:

1. Join Ducks Unlimited: In addition to the duck call, you'll also receive a full year of member benefits including DU Magazine, exclusive web access and more.

2. Give a DU Gift Membership: Buy a gift membership for a family member or friend and you can send the call to the recipient OR keep it for yourself!

3. Extend Your Membership: Current DU members can sign up using this form and receive the call. This will extend your membership one year from the date of payment.

If you want the call delivered in time for Christmas, you MUST respond
by December 6.

Congratulations to our winners below:

Daily Winners

Nov. 1: Justin Kratz
Nov. 2: Sarah Connolly
Nov. 3: Daniel Hassell
Nov. 4: Kim Boe
Nov. 5: Tom Robbins
Nov. 6: Danny Halverson
Nov. 7: Chevelle Hutchinson
Nov. 8: Josh Link
Nov. 9: Roger Mosher
Nov. 10: Todd King
Nov. 11: Zack Hicks
Nov. 12: Chris Johnson
Nov. 13: Melanie Mosher
Nov. 14: Anthony Dees
Nov.15: Rob Uhlig
Nov. 16: Brenton Plagge
Nov. 17: John Fabian
Nov. 18: Paul Gunter
Nov. 19: Shannon Berds
Nov. 20: Cameron Evans
Nov. 21: Steven Johnson
Nov. 22: Steve Henschel
Nov. 23: Justin Calvert
Nov. 24: Jim Andrews
Nov. 25: Jason Johnson
Nov. 26: Don Morin
Nov. 27: Boomer Brown
Nov. 28: Lance Percich
Nov. 29: Andrew Campbell
Nov. 30: Kyle Milliron