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It's the official Ducks Unlimited iPhone App of Ducks Unlimited! This App includes a wide range of content and features that are important to DU supporters and waterfowl hunters across the nation.

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NOTE: The previous version of the DU iPhone app is no longer supported.  Please delete that app and install the new version.  The new app requires iOS5 or greater.

App Features

  • Waterfowl ID
    Includes a list of the most popular North American waterfowl species, including photos, audio sounds, descriptions, breeding, migration, populations and food habits
  • Ducks Unlimited Events
    Search by state to access a full list of all DU events across the nation
  • Sunrise / Sunset Calculator
    Calculate the exact sunrise and sunset for any location in North America.  You may also choose other dates and locations to get the sunrise and sunset times for your next hunting trip
  • DU Videos
    Enjoy over 350 DU videos in various categories, including duck hunting tips, dog training, conservation, wild game cooking, DU TV and more
  • DU News
    Stay up to date with the latest news headlines from Ducks Unlimited
  • Hunting Tips
    Keep your waterfowl hunting skills sharp by reading hundreds of hunting, decoy, duck calling and other tips
  • Seasons & Bag Limits
    Stay informed of waterfowl season dates, bag limits and regulations in your state
  • Flashlight
    In case you need a little light during those pre-dawn hours in the blind
  • DU Photo of the Day
    Enjoy a new photo each day submitted by DU members
  • Twitter
    Follow DU's Twitter feed which is updated daily with various news and special offers
  • Join DU
    Join DU directly from your iPhone and start taking advantage of the many benefits of membership!
  • About DU
    Learn more about DU and our mission of wetlands and waterfowl conservation



NEW: Waterfowl Migration iPhone App!

Ducks Unlimited just launched the official Waterfowl Migration app for iPhones. Click here for more details on how you can follow the ducks from your mobile device this season!