Duck Fever Tips: Promotion

Duck Fever Tips: Shout it from the Rooftops

Some innovative ways to really get the word out about your Duck Fever campaign, and get your friends to sign up too!

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  • They say a little competition is healthy...

Starting a healthy Duck Fever competition is a great strategy on so many levels. It's a self-motivator to get your thermometer higher than your buddy's. It's a motivator to your buddy to get his higher. Both your sets of friends will be motivated to give you that boost toward the win. You can get as many people involved as you want. And the best part? All the money goes to DU's conservation work. So, at the end of the day, you can rub your friend's face in your win, but the ducks are the real winners.

Some ideas to consider: Choose or create a cheap "prize" for the person who meets his or her goal first. Make it something fun and meaningful – or even valuable, if you're really committed – so you'll all be motivated to get out there and raise money. Suggest the idea of a competition at your next DU banquet or the next morning you meet in the blind. If your friends are dedicated DU members like you, there's a good chance they'll jump at the chance to beat you ... for a good cause.

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  • Mention it regularly in your blog

Even if you include your Duck Fever badge in some permanent real estate on your MySpace page or blog sidebar, you still need to mention your campaign regularly. Provide periodic updates of how you're proceeding toward your goal and let people know there's still time to give. Reminding them of the $5 option will help too. You can employ any number of the tips provided here to make your appeal more convincing, but frequency will help keep your Duck Fever campaign fresh in your readers' minds. Similarly, regular updates to your Facebook status will get your message and the link to your donation page to more eyes on a daily basis.

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  • Share your goal with your Facebook friends

You've added the Ducks Unlimited application to Facebook and posted your badge on your wall. What's next? Well, the DU app has a built-in feature allowing you to share your goal with your Facebook friends. You can find "Share" buttons inside the DU app, under the "My Badges" tab (accessible by clicking "See My Indicators" under the badge on your profile) or the "Share" tab. You can choose your message length, then post it to your friends' walls. This means not only your friends will see it, but also all their friends - it's the epidemic nature of Duck Fever at work for you.

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  • Send a message

For those Facebook friends who don't log on frequently enough to see your status updates, send a message. You can send a single message to multiple friends or use the one-at-a-time approach to let your friends know you appreciate their individual support. Sending a message provides you more space than a status change or share to explain why you're raising money for Ducks Unlimited and how important their support is to you.

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  • Change your badge design occasionally

The more places you can display your Duck Fever badge, the better off you'll be. But even with an attractive badge out there, people may not notice it after a while. So keep it fresh by changing your badge design – and even shape – on occasion. It will catch their eye, make them notice the status of your goal thermometer and perhaps encourage them to give. Changing out your badges is easy. Check out the right side of your Duck Fever Dashboard.

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  • Take a picture or make a video

Because Duck Fever is tied in with social sites like Facebook and MySpace, you have the opportunity to make your campaign even bigger than just a single badge or a link to your donation page. It can extend beyond sending messages or using the DU Facebook app to share your goal. Take a photo of yourself, your dog, your kids, you and your buddy in the blind. Use that photo on your donation page or make it part of something bigger - a blog entry, a Facebook photo album, a block on your MySpace page. Go even farther and make a video about your Duck Fever campaign and about what you're doing for DU. You put your face all over your campaign, making it an even more personalized experience, and you create something that your friends can smile about, pass along, do themselves for their own campaign. Duck Fever is meant to be spread, so get creative and think of some new ways to pass it on!

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  • Mention it at the next banquet

Who better to support your Duck Fever campaign than your fellow DU members and volunteers? Take a minute at your next banquet or other local event to mention Duck Fever. You can ask for donations or just spread the word to your friends so they can start their own campaigns. This is the perfect time to start a competition and convince current donors to use you as a gateway for their annual donation. Print out the address for your donation page, or if you have a mobile phone, pull it up and see who's willing to give right then and there. You may even gain some new online friends and contacts in the process!

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  • Sign your e-mails with Duck Fever

One of the easiest methods for promoting your Duck Fever campaign is by inserting it in your e-mail or forum signature. You may have multiple e-mail accounts, so taking a minute or two to create a custom signature for each means that each e-mail you send (which may be dozens a day) will spread the word to multiple recipients without your having to change a thing. If you have questions about adding Duck Fever to your signatures, visit our FAQs section on signatures.

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  • Make it permanent and prominent

Duck Fever can be shared in so many ways. Some are more temporary, while others are permanent, noticeable and consistent. You may have great success sending your friends' e-mails or writing a blog entry about your Duck Fever campaign. But e-mails sometimes go unopened or get deleted by mistake. And blog entries get pushed down and off the front page. So find some permanent real estate and make sure Duck Fever shows up there too. Display your badge in the sidebar of your blog, place it on your MySpace page, add the DU Facebook app and make it part of your profile. You can say, "Hey! Help me out!" as part of a custom e-mail or forum signature. Each time you send a message or post a comment, it's there for the recipient (or world) to see. Virtually anywhere you go online, Duck Fever can go, too, so be creative and come up with some new places to display your badge and let people know you're raising money for DU!

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  • Promise $5 to a friend

Giving $5 to someone else has many benefits. You prove your dedication and may be able to set up a give-and-take agreement with a friend just to help each other toward your goals. But aside from just making your own Duck Fever campaign a success, encouraging a friend and fellow DU member to sign up for Duck Fever (or a non-member to join DU and participate) will help spread Duck Fever outside your social circle and into several others, bringing in more money for the ducks. There are many ways to appeal to a friend if $5 isn't enough. Try suggesting a little competition - with a prize on the line, see if you can't incite them to get involved! Also, remind them about the Duck Fever Recognition Wall and the chance to have their name displayed prominently on the DU Web site.

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  • Tell a friend to tell a friend

Even if you think you'll be able to raise only $100 in your campaign, an even bigger component to making Duck Fever a success is your effort to spread the word to others and encourage them to sign up and start their own campaigns. This gets the message of DU's conservation mission to other social circles and grows DU's following by the day. Non-members can join DU and you can encourage current members to complete the quick and easy signup process to get started with their own campaign!

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