How Can I Help Protect the Future?

Together, we can save Minnesota and Iowa's natural heritage

By supporting the Living Lakes Initiative, you can help ensure the benefits of shallow lakes continue for future generations. Download the Major Sponsor form and designate your pledge to the Living Lakes Initiative.

Jack after a hunt on a shallow lake in Minnesota

The vision of the Living Lakes Initiative is to establish steppingstones of perpetually protected and managed shallow lake complexes from southern Iowa through northern Minnesota to provide quality wetland food and habitat resources for waterfowl. The initiative will help preserve this region’s rich waterfowling heritage and support conservation of the primary source of its birds, the prairie breeding grounds.

The shallow lakes of Minnesota and Iowa have a rich hunting heritage.

Private gifts continue to be the catalysts needed to reach the goals for the Living Lakes Initiative. DU uses these private gifts to leverage public funding from state and federal granting sources.

Contributions from donors like Jim and Karen Killen and partnerships with state natural resource agencies help protect waterfowl habitat.

Shallow lakes improve water quality of downstream rivers, streams and municipalities. They provide outdoor recreation opportunities and many lakes even support harvestable crops of wild rice that support local economies.

Wild rice is an important resource for waterfowl and the local economy.