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Support DU's mission and receive quality products for you, your family and friends!
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DU Crest T-Shirt & Magnet
Pre-shrunk/DU Crest
$30 or more
DU Duck Call Tee
Navy/Pre-Shrunk Cotton
$30 each
Custom-Engraved Call
Black & Silver/Buck Gardner
$75 or more

American Spirit T-Shirt
Made in U.S.A.
$30 or more

All American Duck Call
Double reed/Hand-tuned
$35 or more
DU Performance Polo
Lightweight/Black Accents
$35 each

DU 2015 Calendar
12 months/Full color
$20 or more
DU Performance Jacket
Polyester/Spandex blend
$50 or more
Ultimate Gear Bag
$45 each

Waterfowler's Journal
Hardcover Canvas
$35 or more

Lighted Beanie
Holiday Price! $20 each
DU Khaki Cap
100% cotton/Adjustable size
SALE! $5 each

Ducks, Swans & Geese of North America
Special price: $48.97
Promo code "HDUX"
Gray Fleece Jacket
SALE! $15 each
Beige Fleece Jacket
SALE! $15 each

Wool Knit Cap
One size/Wool blend
$16 or more
DU Laptop Sleeve
Neoprene/DU Logo
$25 each
GWT Decoy
Full-size Green-winged Teal
$185 or more

DU License Plate
$20 each
DU License Plate
$20 each
DU License Plate
$20 each

DU Smart Wallet
$8 each
DU Range Bag
600d Nylon/DU logo
$35 or more
Vintage Decoy Coasters
Set of 4/Commemorative
$15 per set

DU Case® Knife
Made in U.S.A.
$20 each
DU Pistol Rug
Mossy Oak Duck Blind Camo
$18 each
Pintail Decoy
Full-size Pintail
$185 or more

DU Polarized Sunglasses
Polarized/Shatter Resistant
$20 each
Decoy Shelf
12 Brunet Decoys/DU Shelf
$300 or more
Tattersall Shirt
Cotton/Button Down
$45 each

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