Ducks Unlimited Public Policy

A voice for waterfowl in Washington, D.C.
Each year, Congress makes important decisions about wildlife habitat conservation programs that directly impact the long-term health of waterfowl populations.

DU's office in Washington, D.C., exists to promote these programs and other wildlife-friendly legislation.

Also see what is on the Public Policy horizon in Working for Waterfowl in Washington.

Contact Your Legislators

Tell your members of Congress how you feel about the public policy affecting waterfowl habitat. [learn more]


The North American Wetlands Conservation Act has conserved almost 27 million acres of waterfowl habitat in less than 20 years. [learn more]

Farm Bill

The agricultural conservation programs that are authorized and funded through the Farm Bill are the backbone of DU's cooperative conservation work with our partners in agriculture. [learn more]

Wetland Protection & Ducks

Learn more about Ducks Unlimited's efforts to protect wetlands critical to waterfowl through the landmark Clean Water Act. [learn more]

Federal Duck Stamp

Duck Stamps have conserved more than 6 million acres of habitat. Learn how stamp changes will protect even more. [learn more]

Hunting Legacy

Ducks Unlimited staff are working to protect and expand America's waterfowling tradition by bringing hunters to the forefront on Capitol Hill. [learn more]

Conservation Tax Incentives

Conserve your land for future generations—and get help on your taxes—with Conservation Tax Incentives.[learn more]