Favorite DU Photos: December 2013

Member photos of the day from the month of December
Anyone want a hug? (photo by Mary Dow)

Opening day sunrise! (photo by Matt Wagner)

(photo by Corey Snyder)

Ideal morning from the blind. Semper Fi. (photo by Andrew Manaois)

Northern Shoveler (photo by Scott Denny)

Winter wood duck house (photo by Joel Godin)

(photo by Peter Giles)

(photo by Zach Tylka)

I am very fortunate to have all kinds of wildlife visit the pond in our and the neighboring yards, among them this beautiful wood duck. (photo by Melissa Ferguson)

(photo by Bert de Tilly)

0 Trey and his yellow lab Drake. (photo by Trey Claar)

1 (photo by Phillip Hansen)