Favorite DU Photos: October 2013

Member photos of the day from the month of October
An up close shot of a Mallard Drake. I believe he was studying me as much as I was studying him. (photo by Mack Purdy)

My hunting buddy Santee. (photo by Joshua West)

Mallard drake lifting off the water. (photo by Cecil Calloway)

Two female Mallards coming in for a landing. (photo by Bill Houghton)

(photo by Christopher Montano)

Waiting on ducks, in the blind. (photo by Torre Scaramella)

Mouthful of Greenhead (photo by Michael Mason)

Tyler and his yellow lab Drake. (photo by Trey Claar)

He's thinking how pretty she is. (photo by Marie Griffin)

Canada Goose - Balancing Act (photo by Eric Larson)

0 Last hunt of the season with Tahoe in Summer Lake, OR. Seven Green Heads! (photo by Raymond Taroli)

1 "Mosby" is waiting patiently for some work. (photo by Brian Epps)

2 Hannah (11) with her first duck, a Green Wing Teal, and Woody, the wonder dog. (photo by Jim Anderson)

3 Wood Ducks in Eastern Oregon. (photo by Zach Mansfield)