Photo & Fundraising Tips

Photo Tips:

  • Make sure your photos are taken and uploaded in portrait mode (vertical orientation).

  • Take photos up close, focusing only on your face.

  • Avoid noisy backgrounds.

  • Consider taking daily photos with the same background for consistency.

  • Women who submit photos should have some beard related feature on their face. Get creative!

  • We LOVE to see photos with DU logos included, especially on caps. Just something to keep in mind.

  • No photos should include alcohol, tobacco or explicit product endorsements. Shirts must be worn in photos.
Remember all photos must be relevant to the program and are subject to review before they appear on your public page!

Fundraising Tips:

  • Share your beard profile link with your friends on Facebook and ask them to help.

  • Send a link to your public profile page via email, asking friends and family to help you reach your goal.

  • Share photos of your daily beard growth on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  • Be sure to thank donors who have made a donation on behalf of your campaign.

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