Favorite DU Photos: August 2013

Member photos of the day from the month of August
Benelli looking for birds. (photo by Zack Mckay)

Please fly into my decoys (photo by Brent Barton)

(photo by Alex Hilburn)

Ready for action! (photo by John Elashik)

Canada goose with baby. (photo by Arnold Koenig)

Canvas Back ducks in Cambridge, Maryland. (photo by Jon Mcray)

Mallards. (photo by Eric Jock)

Logan, Utah. On Cutler as the sun comes up over Mt. Logan. (photo by Cody Sheppard)

Large group flying over the tree line at sunset  (photo by Brett Gagner)

Cinnamon teal. (photo by Christopher Montano)

0 Sunset following a successful Canada goose hunt, 2012-2013 waterfowl season. (photo by Forest Gahn)

1 In the blind. (photo by Mitch Mosler)

2 Waterfowl Hunting at Mud Lake WMA, Idaho. (photo by Forest Gahn)