2013 Waterfowl Calls Guide

Find your next duck or goose call 

Waterfowl calls are specific to every species, hunter, and region. This makes finding the perfect duck or goose call a difficult task. This article makes it easier to start your search.

Begin with the newest additions to the market – new waterfowl calls for 2013.

Haydel's Game Calls: Candied Carbon Kwacker offers reliable quality

Haydel's Game Calls is known for their reliable, non-sticking duck calls. The Carbon Kwacker CK-2 is no exception to this standard. Adding a creative, candied look and feel to this double-reed call while retaining a sound very similar to Haydel's "Redleg" Mallard makes this call a unique addition to any lanyard. The Carbon Kwacker is also available in a single reed – CK1.

Get more information about Haydel's Game Calls at www.haydels.com.

Goey Calls: Goey Hunting Calls offers wide selection

Machinists for more than 20 years, the game call makers at Goey Hunting Calls build all of their own components, down to the wedges and reeds. The result is a wide range of single- and double-reed duck calls, including such snappily named models as the Marsh Madam and Timber Teaser. On the goose call front, check out the Trainwreck, Accomplice, and others. All calls feature threaded barrels and inserts.

For more information, visit goeycalls.com.

Echo Calls: Echo's Breaker reaches out and can be toned down

Echo Duck Calls continues to add new members to its diverse game call flock, the most recent being the Breaker single-reed acrylic. The Breaker is designed to reach out to high flyers, but maintains the ability to coax even the most reluctant ducks. Just introduced to the market by former world-champion caller Rick Dunn, the Breaker is available in four color choices.  

For more information, visit www.echocalls.com.

Rich-N-Tone: RNT breaks out the Daisy Slayer

With a spiffy new look and a ducky sound, the Daisy Slayer enters the market as RNT Calls' freshest addition to its duck call roster. This single-reed acrylic calls feels small in the hand, but it packs a big punch. The Daisy Slayer features a shorter insert and unique bore design, resulting in increased back pressure. RNT says this call's bottom end replicates the quacks and soft clucks of a mallard hen without sacrificing the aggressiveness of the original Daisy Cutter. It is available in bocote or in various colored acrylic.

For more information on RNT Calls, visit www.rntcalls.com.

Tim Grounds: Grounds' highly coveted Overhaulers now come in flat black

Grounds' popular Overhauler series calls – duck and goose – can now be purchased in flat black. The short-reed "G" series  goose call offers multiple pitches with Grounds' Triple Crown™ gut system, which gives the caller volume control on stage or in the field.

Grounds' "D" series Overhauler duck call is a single-reed call ideal for any hunting situation, and offers bellowing long-range quacks. Grounds used a quarter-barrel mouthpiece to reduce the amount of air needed to make the call effective, and making it an easy-to-use alternative to more difficult single-reed calls. 

For more information, visit www.timgrounds.com.

Yentzen: The venerable Yentzen makes a comeback

The Yentzen duck call needs no introduction to veteran waterfowl hunters. Designed and patented by George Yentzen and James "Cowboy" Fernandez during the 1950s, this was the first double-reed to hit the market. The Yentzen Classic has made a comeback in recent years, thanks to family members who refused to let this iconic call fade into oblivion. The original's exact specifications are being used to build the current models.

Get more information at www.sureshotgamecalls.com.

Pacific Custom Calls: Versatile calls for Pacific Flyway hunters

Pacific Custom Calls' popular duck call, the ITF – or "In-the-Face" – is being offered in a new wood/acrylic combination. This call is offered in double-reed and single-reed models, giving this call a wide range of capabilities. 

The Goosehead 509 is considered Pacific Calls' medium-format Canada goose call. The call provides high-quality range while offering a straightforward design. The 509's forgiveness and easy-to-use functionality make this a popular call for hunters of all skill levels.

Get more information on these calls at www.pacificcustomcalls.com.

Field Proven Calls:  Consistent sounds and the Field Proven Promise

Field Proven Calls' Raptor Canada goose call provides goose hunters with a wide range of tones. The Raptor is an advanced-model short-reed goose call, but the modified mouthpiece may make the call easier for novice callers to use. 

The Double Shot Poly is Field Proven Calls' polymer double-reed duck call. The call is hand tuned and offers a wide range of sounds. The lower price point on the Double Shot polymer may intrigue callers of all calibers, and the Field Proven Promise (a lifetime warranty) guarantees its quality design.

Get more information on Field Proven Calls at http://www.fieldprovencalls.com/

Paleo River Calls:  Folk art for a duck call lanyard

Hand-crafted calls made in Coldwater, Mississippi, Paleo River Game Calls carves each call from a trophy antler. This compact, beautifully designed whistle serves functionally as a mallard drake, pintail, and wigeon whistle, and makes an ornate conversation starter on any lanyard.

For more information, visit paleoriver.com.


Buck Gardner:  Design your own Buck Gardner call

Buck Gardner calls have been a mainstay in duck blinds and competitions for years. Gardner's new Double Nasty Acrylic serves as the go-to recommendation for callers looking for a wide range of tones combined with top-end construction. The Double Nasty is available in a wide variety of color combinations, and BGC's website allows visitors to customize their call's look and feel. 

Buck Gardner's Mallard Hammer is a low-cost, high-return PolyCarb double-reed duck call. The call has varying tones for open water or soft quacks when ducks are close. The low price point on the Mallard Hammer makes it a great starter call, or the perfect backup call to keep on your lanyard.

For more information, visit www.buckgardner.com.


Avery Outdoors: The Power Lanyard

Avery Outdoors' Power Lanyard is a fleece-backed neoprene call lanyard designed for comfort and durability. The call loops are modular, allowing callers to move each loop to fit their specific needs. The Power Lanyard is available in multiple camouflage patterns.

For more information on this lanyard, visit www.mackspw.com.


Avery Outdoors: The Do-It-Yourself Braided Lanyard

This olive-drab-and-moss-colored lanyard is made of zipper braid and proves to be a functional lanyard for all callers. The "Do-It-Yourself" name comes from the ability to add call loops anywhere on the lanyard. 

The following call drops can be added or removed as needed:
  • Two single-loop call drops
  • One double-loop call drop
  • One whistle drop
The adjustable snap hooks are durable enough to withstand the conditions and additional call loops can be added to fit each caller's individual needs.

For more information on this lanyard, visit www.mackspw.com.