Favorite DU Photos: July 2013

Member photos of the day from the month of July
(photo by Christopher Montano)

(photo by Christian Kwikkel)

Geese on a road (photo by Ryan Himley)

My 3-year-old's first duck hunt (photo by Aaron Parker)

Birds in the air. A pair of mallards coming around on the left. (photo by Cecil Calloway)

Taken at our hunting club, New Crystal Lake Club in Gulfport, IL. Mallards returning north after stopping on the lake. (photo by Michael Schmidt)

(photo by Molly Stewart)

Hopefully our teachers at Mizzou understand that an early morning duck hunt is much more fun than early morning classes! (photo by Cameron West)

(photo by John Hakola)

Bella with her mentor, Kingsley in the duck blind. (photo by Walter Hughes)

0 Mallard pair sleeping (photo by Kevin Kisik)