Ducks Unlimited Canada - Revolving land program

Ducks Unlimited Canada's Revolving Habitat Conservation Program is another tool to ensure protection of natural and restored habitat across the Prairies.

Online Land Auction

One tool that allows DUC to stretch the impact of our conservation dollars is a Revolving Land Purchase (RLP).

Alberta / Manitoba Lands
Saskatchewan Lands

Through this program, DUC will be purchasing lands and then selling them back to producers with a conservation easement placed on the title. Once purchased, DUC will restore all drained wetlands and convert cropped acres to forage cover for nesting habitat. The lands will then be put up for tender sale with the condition that conservation easements be placed on all of the important habitat acres including the wetlands, restored forage, and natural upland areas. The proceeds of the sale are then re-invested to purchase and protect other parcels of land elsewhere and the process repeats itself – thus termed 'revolving'.

For more information, visit DUC's Revolving land program homepage.