Operation Game Thief Shoot in Houston - August 16th, 2013

Operation Game Thief is Texas' Wildlife Crime Stoppers Program. It is part of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and works to assist our Texas Game Wardens in their efforts to curtail poaching activity. The program raises money to fund promotion of public awareness, provides a toll-free reward hotline for reporting violations, and provides payments of rewards and payment of death benefits to the family of any of our officers killed in the line of duty. Our fundraising efforts have allowed us to purchase twelve smaller versions of our "infamous" Wall of Shame Exhibit to travel within each region around the state. These exhibits enable us to emphasize the magnitude of natural resource crime. Recently passed legislation allows the OGT Committee to offer rewards on additional criminal activities like boating while intoxicated and criminal trespass. The legislation also allows the Committee to better assist our wardens in implementing new and emerging technology in the fight against criminal exploitation of our wildlife resources. It's a program that continues to work, thanks to supporters like YOU!

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