2013 Washington State Convention, Silverdale

Leland Hutchins, State Chairman
First I want to thank everyone who supported the National Convention in Portland and our WA DU State Convention in Silverdale.  Seventy one DU members attended the National Convention and we had 125 attendees in Silverdale, and for the first time in years held a well received ladies event .  From all accounts both were enjoyed by all and I for one am re-energized and excited to start off our new year.  

My sincere appreciation to all of the State Convention Committee members and those staff and volunteers who worked so hard to pull off a successful and fun event.  

During the State Convention, the Executive Committee met, current and past state chairs present attended.  Chris Dorow Sr Regional VP, State Council Chairman Steve Thies, Past State Chairmen  and currently members of the State Committee Jerry Holmes, Bruce Macdonald, Ron Anway, Past State Chairs Roy Christopherson, Bod Dewar and I gathered to discuss the state of the state.  We all committed to renewing our collective efforts to re-energize 1 TEAM WA DU.  We agreed to make every effort to put aside or work out differences that have divided our state organization and distracted all of us from our Mission.

I urge all of you to join in and lets make this upcoming year one of WA DU's most successful