Arkansas DU 365 Day Gun Giveaway

2014 Arkansas DU 365 Day Gun Giveaway - 

Arkansas Ducks Unlimited's Inaugural 365 Day Gun Giveaway has begun!  

See our Arkansas DU 365 Gun Giveaway Facebook page for more information and updates!

 All Winners will be posted as follows Monday-Friday by 5PM! 

Weekend and Holiday winners will be posted the following business day by 5PM! 

2014 Winners are listed below!  Click on a month below to see past winners!

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September 2014 Winners

Date    Item    Model    Caliber           Calendar #     Winner        City,      State

September 01,2014 Ruger LC9 9mm pistol..#06610- Bob S. - Sherwood, AR 

September 02,2014 Ruger LC9 9mm pistol..#06882- Wes T. - White Hall, AR 

September 03,2014 Ruger LC9 9mm pistol..#01188- Dustin E. - Weiner, AR 

September 04,2014 Ruger LC9 9mm pistol..#04014- Kyle L. - Cecil, AR 

September 05,2014 Ruger LC9 9mm pistol..#03870- Thomas W. - Ozark, AR 

September 06,2014 Ruger LC9 9mm pistol..#07845- Jeff F. - Jacksonville, AR 

September 07,2014 Stoeger 350 12 ga..#04610- Quinten B. - Fort Smith, AR

September 08,2014 Stoeger 350 12 ga..#09363- Brad B. - Watson, AR 
September 09,2014 Stoeger 350 12 ga..#01962- Mary G. - Beebe, AR 

September 10,2014 Stoeger 350 12 ga..#08931- Jody F. - N. Little Rock, AR 

September 11,2014 Stoeger 350 12 ga..#01555- Jason G. - Batesville, AR 

September 12,2014 Stoeger 350 12 ga..#06563- Joe L. - Bentonville, AR 

September 13,2014 Stoeger 350 12 ga..#08514- Keith B.-Searcy, AR 

September 14,2014 Remington 870 20 ga..#05397- Nathan S.-Camden, AR 

Thank You for your continued support of Arkansas Ducks Unlimited!