Favorite DU Photos: May 2013

Member photos of the day from the month of May
Hunting Canvasbacks and Redheads (photo by Ronald Cheslock) 

Willie in his first duck season on some beautiful wetlands (photo by Rick Hildebrand)

Jager in North Wildwood waiting for a diver retrieve. (photo by Jackson Harrington)

First hunt (photo by James McLendon) 

4-month-old Cooper. Enjoying a nice rock during the spring Steelhead Season. He is a dog for all seasons. (photo by Michael Kavros)

Morning exercise! (photo by Drew Cherry)

Chocolate lab pup at Cypress Pond Kennel (photo by Tracy Huff)

"Is Life Worth Living Without Labs?" (photo by James Gore)

Jake... silver Lab (photo by Patrick O'Shields)

Scout keeping an eye on the "bagged bird" (photo by Kenneth Krempa)

0 (photo by Katherine Parkey)