Favorite DU Photos: April 2013

Member photos of the day from the month of April
Fields of Nebraska (photo by Vincenzo Guido)

(photo by Frances Berry)

I took this on the Snake River just before the end of the hunt. It's my 12 year old son Gavin on his first duck hunt. (photo by Dennis Robinson)

Hopefully our teachers at Mizzou understand that an early morning duck hunt is much more fun than early morning classes! (photo by Cameron West)

Early morning hunt over a flooded bean field in a pit. (photo by Eric Norris)

Mallard drake. (photo by Kevin Kisik)

A Nevada day (photo by Justin Falls)

My beautiful choc lab retriever pup (photo by Cameron Lankhaar)

My new puppy "Sky" learning not to mess with the decoys (photo by Dustin Murdaugh)

Hooded Merganser (photo by Sheri Cox)

0 Ford checking the decoys. (photo by Jason Staraitis)

1 Red Head Drake (photo by Nathan Herrboldt)

2 Greenwing Teal (photo by Christopher Montano)