Favorite DU Photos: March 2013

Member photos of the day from the month of March
Mallard hen (photo by Kevin Kisik)

(photo by Ross Gaulke)

Flock flying over frozen Lake Ronkonkoma in Long Island, New York. (photo by Tony Ambrosio)

This is my Black lab, Hank. He's clearly very photogenic! (photo by Lindsey Renee)

Hen mallard just about to touch down. (photo by Cecil Calloway)

Taken at the River Park North in Greenville, NC. I had to stand in the marsh to get this one, but it was worth it. It's one of my favorites! (photo by Angel Rypkema)

Snow geese lift off from a District 10 rice field. (photo by Chris Knight)

Tule at Cove Blind, Can Can Duck Club (photo by Kevin Bohannon)

Mallard family (photo by Chris Montano, Jr.)

Ducks on my wetlands this afternoon. (photo by Kristene Hayward)

0 Focus, it is spring training time. (photo by Christopher Lewis)

1 (photo by David Bunchalk)

2 Blue wing teal (photo by Mark Locke)