Favorite DU Photos: February 2013

Member photos of the day from the month of February
My little duck caller (photo by John Struthers)

Mallard drake close-up (photo by Kevin Kisik)

(photo by Christopher Montano)

I shot this as the Red Headed Ducks were passing through our area. (photo by Bill Houghton)

Ontario duck hunting (photo by Mac McArthur)

My 11 month old, Tessa, wanting to head back out. (photo by Kevin Holm)

My yellow Lab (photo by Dennis Gibbs)

(photo by Peydon Vanhoff)

(photo by David Morgan)

(photo by Edward Smith)

0 Canadian geese flying away in the beautiful Montana sunset. (photo by Mora Schiffer)

1 Scouting for birds, Barnegat, NJ. Seeing something very rare! Such pretty birds! (photo by Carmine Avena)

2 Black duck hen (photo by Kevin Kisik)