Montana DU supporter and TV producer is Sportsmen’s Channel’s Sportsman of the Year

BOZEMAN, Mont. - Randy Newberg, host and producer of the television show On Your Own Adventure, has been named Sportsman’s Channel’s Sportsman of the Year. This award is given to a group or individual who most demonstrates giving back to the outdoor community via conservation, education, and recruitment and retention activities. The channel cited Newberg’s program creating dialog on conservation around the wolf hunt debate.

Newberg, who lives in Bozeman, is a DU Major Sponsor and chaired his local DU Montana event for six years.  Most recently, he co-chaired the successful Eric Pierce event, which raised more than $1 million for DU’s conservation work in Montana. Newberg also volunteers with other conservation groups, including Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

“If it’s for wildlife and conservation, I am a willing volunteer,” Newberg said.

He dates his conservation interest back to growing up in northern Minnesota. “I learned by observing my hunting mentors that the more you receive, the more you give back,” Newberg said. “They taught us to give back to the resource, whether through volunteering or helping the neighbor kid who didn’t get a chance to get out hunting.”

He describes On Your Own Adventure as a program to help people go on self-guided big game hunts. Newberg says big game hunting has been portrayed on television as something you need a guide to do, but most people hunt self-guided. 

“Our premise is, if you see us do it, you can do it,” Newberg said. “I want people to see how much opportunity there is out there on these huge tracts of public land, not only in the west but where I grew up in Minnesota,”