Favorite DU Photos: January 2013

Member photos of the day from the month of January
My two boys anxiously looking for ducks while hunting in Northern California. (photo by Michael Sawyer)

Our MOJO during a South Dakota sunrise. (photo by Spencer Neuharth)

4-month-old Cooper. Enjoying a nice rock during the spring Steelhead Season. He is a dog for all seasons. (photo by Michael Kavros)

Taken from my hunting blind at Sacramento refuge as the sun is setting. It don't get no better then this! (photo by Theo Wooley)

Find the collars??? (photo by Matthew Bielski)

Wylie posing after a super morning hunt. (photo by Jack White)

Nikki, on one of those slow days when the geese weren't flying and the photographer has too much time to fool around. (photo by Mark Kellner)

(photo by David Herndon)

My friend was wading in the water and took this picture with his iPhone. It is a picture of my goose decoys stacked on my duck boat with a sweet view of the snow, ice, and sky. I told him that was the best picture I have seen in a while. (photo by Eric Williams)

Logan Utah. On Cutler as the sun comes up over Mt. Logan. (photo by Cody Sheppard)

0 My dog Kota... she loves her ducks! (photo by Emily Albright)

1 Great Salt Lake, January 19, 2013. (photo by Jamie Shaw)

2 "Bufflehead Diving" (photo by Christopher Montano)