Hunting rights claim victory in state races

States across the nation voted to support hunting rights in the 2012 election in a resounding victory of sportsmen.

Three-quarters of Alabama voters approved reauthorizing an amendment that uses natural gas royalties to secure public lands for hunters for the next 20 years.

The Arizona State Trust Land Amendment, which authorizes the state legislature to start a process to exchange trust land if the exchange is related to protecting military installations or managing land, was approved. The amendment will help address the “checkerboard” pattern of land ownership that can hinder protection of wildlife habitat.

Voters also defeated a measure that would have given the state sovereignty over Arizona’s natural resources, including land, water and wildlife.

Idahoans approved a constitutional amendment adding the right to hunt, trap and fish in the state by more than 73 percent.

By more than 84 percent, voters approved a constitutional amendment that declares hunting and fishing are the preferred wildlife management methods.

Louisiana passes the Right to Bear Arms Amendment, which added the rights to acquire, carry, transport, transfer and use firearms to the existing rights to keep and bear them.

Voters approved adding the right to hunt, trap and fish to the state constitution by more than 76 percent.

By more than 89 percent, voters approved adding language to the state constitution to “recognize and preserve the heritage of Wyoming citizens' opportunity to fish, hunt and trap wildlife, subject to regulation as prescribed by law.”