Favorite DU Photos: October 2012

Member photos of the day from the month of October
Cool picture I took of my buddy at the end of a hunt at the Yolo Refuge. (photo by Kenneth Myer)

(photo by Chad Mier)

Youth duck hunt in Modoc with our chocolate lab Max. (photo by David Reed)

Ritter was getting tired of waiting! He wanted to retrieve something. (photo by Nicholas Hoffman)

1 1/2 year old white lab, Drake, watching anxiously on duck opener morning in Villard, Minnesota. (photo by Jordan Stalker)

My chocolate Lab "Bo" bringing home dinner! (photo by Brock Childs)

Barrows Goldeneye in the Fall. (photo by John Pleau)

Our puppy Drake. (photo by Amanda Aughe)

Mallard talk. (photo by Paul Knutson)

Hattie getting some fun retrieves on our daily morning walk. (photo by Todd Anderson)

0 Cloe after the hunt still waiting for more birds. (photo by Shannon Harrison)

1 (photo by Chris Montano, Jr.)

2 High country mallards. (photo by Troy Mitchell)

3 Conclusion of Saturday's San Antonio Duck's Unlimited Teal Hunt. (photo by Matthew Dudley)