November Gear Guide: Goose Decoys

New styles and models for 2012-2013 goose season

Goose decoys come in a wide variety, including different head positions, shells, full-body, floaters, and more. This season there are several new styles, along with a few time-tested models with slight upgrades.  There are no light goose decoys in this month’s Gear Guide, but there will be plenty in the January Snow Goose Gear Guide.

Higdon Oversize Field Shell White-Fronted Goose Decoys

Higdon’s new white-fronted goose decoys offer a convenient and durable decoy for specklebelly hunters.

  • Oversized decoy is 25 inches breast to tail
  • 12 inches wide, yet a dozen make an unbelievably compact stack for easy transportation
  • Head positions include 2-Sentry, 2-Preener, 4-Resting, and 4-Semifeeder
  • Comes with Higdon's standard one-year warranty against faulty paint or manufacturing defects.

NEW! GHG® Pro-Grade Full-Body Honkers

New full-body honkers from GHG offer features never before seen on goose decoys. 

  • GHG® Perma-Loc™ head connection offers the durability of a one-piece decoy.
  • FlexSorb™ Impact Dispersal System eliminates broken heads and split bodies.
  • Flocked heads with skirted necks eliminate transition lines.
  • Snap-back RealLegs™
  • Patented GHG RealMotion® system provides natural movement.
  • 10 heads and three unique bodies range from 23 1/2-inches to 32-3/4 inches in overall length.
  • 15-inch RealMotion Bases and 23-inch Field Stakes included.
  • Available in both traditional flocked heads with painted bodies and FFD versions.


  • Active 6-Pack: 2 Hairpin Neck, 2 C-Neck & 2 Straight Neck Walkers
  • Feeder 6-Pack: 2 Stretcher Feeders, 2 Hisser Feeders and 2 Content Feeders
  • Sentry 6-Pack: 2 Straight Sentries, 2 Relaxed Sentries, 1 Left Sentry & 1 Right Sentry
  • Harvester 6-Pack: 1 Stretcher Feeder, 1 Hisser Feeder, 1 Content Feeder, 1 Straight Sentry, 1 Hairpin Neck & 1 C-Neck

Dakota Decoy Canada Floater Goose Decoys

Using the same material as full-body geese, Dakota has recreated their floating Canada goose decoy. 

  • Heavy weighted keel on the Canada Floater will assist the decoy in righting itself when thrown.
  • Keel also has a molded-in cleat for tying off your line in different depths of water. 
  • Screw-mount head to assure the heads remain on when throwing out or grabbing to move.
  • The floaters are packaged in six packs, and come with flocked heads in four positions.
  • 23-1/2 inches long (from chest to tail) x 11-1/2 inches wide x 8 inches tall (from keel to middle of back)
  • 25 inches long (from beak tip to tail) x 11-1/2 inches wide x 13 inches tall (from keel to top of head)

Zink™ Avian-X AXP Series Full-Body Painted Canada Goose Decoys

Zink's Avian-X AXP series Full-Body Canada Goose decoys with their impact-absorbing flexible bodies offer a wide range of versatility for Canada goose hunters.

  • Custom-style paint jobs
  • Dead-on lifelike body postures
  • Incredible durability
  • Motion bases 

RedHead® Canada Goose Shell Decoys - Variety Pack or Feeder Pack

Stay mobile as migrants move into your area may be the key to success this season.   RedHead’s Canada goose shells offer multiple options for mobility and realism.  

  • Removable heads are fully flocked to eliminate reflection.
  • Thick polyethylene construction ensures durability and prevents curling.
  • Body length: 22-1/2".
  • Variety Pack includes 12 shells, each in a different position.  Feeder Pack includes 12 shells with Feeder heads.

NEW! GHG® Tim Newbold Full-Body Cacklers

Cackler geese hunters now have an option for realism when targeting these small geese.

  • Rock-solid one-piece construction for long-term durability
  • Flocked heads and snap back RealLegs™
  • New RealMotion® II System for hassle-free set ups and pick-ups
  • 18-inch field stakes for hunting in any environment
  • Six different body styles ranging from 17-1/2 inches to 19-1/2 inches in overall length


  • Active 6-Pack: Two each. Tall Heads, Short Necks and Stubby Necks
  • Feeder 6-Pack: Two each. Right Feeders, Straight Feeders and Left Feeders
  • Harvester 12-Pack: Three each. Left Feeders, Right Feeders and Straight Feeders, 1 ea. Tall Head, Short Neck and Stubby Neck

NEW! GHG Tim Newbold Full-Body Lesser Canadas

GreenHead Gear’s new full-body lesser Canada goose decoys create a realistic field spread for hunting lessers. They are molded as one solid piece, eliminating broken heads and splitting bodies. 

  • New GHG® RealMotion® II System for faster set-ups and pick-ups with snap-back RealLegs™ for total realism.
  • 10 different bodies range from 17 inches to 22-3/8 inches in overall length.
  • Field stakes included.
  • Available in both traditional flocked heads with painted bodies and FFD versions.


  • Active 6-Pack: Two Resters, 1 ea. Stubby Neck, Semi-Sentry, Sentry & Walker
  • Feeder 6-Pack: Two each. Right Feeders, Straight Feeders & Left Feeders
  • Sleeper 4-Pack: Two each. Sleepers & Preeners
  • Harvester 12-Pack: Two each. Left Feeders & Right Feeders, 2 Straight Feeders, 1 ea. Sentry, Rester, Walker & Stubby Neck

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