November Gear Guide: Puddler Decoys

Puddler decoys for 2012-2013 season

Puddlers make up the more common decoys on the market today, but as technology advances, so do these decoys.  New paint schemes, fully flocked bodies, and motion stakes provide new tweaks to the traditions of waterfowling over blocks.

GHG® Pro-Grade™ January Mallards

Switch it up for late-season mallards with GHG’s Pro-Grade January Mallards. The detailed paint scheme is designed to attract late-season ducks.

  • Late-season breeding plumage increases spread visibility
  • Paint schemes capture the full colors of winter drakes
  • GHG® Exclusive 60/40 Dura-Keel™
  • Active Pack: 2 Active Drakes, 2 Swivel Head Drakes & 2 Swivel Head Hens
  • Surface Feeder Pack: 2 Surface Feeder Drakes, 2 Surface Feeder Hens, 1 Surface Skimmer Drake & 1 No-Head Feeder Drake
  • Sleeper-Rester Pack: 3 Rester Drakes, 1 Rester Hen, 1 Sleeper Drake & 1 Sleeper Hen

Flambeau® Storm Front Pintail Decoys

Flambeau's new Storm Front pintail decoys offer versatility and a unique paint scheme.

Features include:

  • Game-changing keels add motion
  • Four tie-off points
  • Depth-adjusting anchor eyelet and strap-weight storage
  • UVision™ paint replicates the ultraviolet reflection
  • Polymer bodies are cast from molds carved by master artisans
  • Drakes have 19-1/2 inch bodies; hens have 15-inch bodies
  • Includes: our active drakes and two resting hens.


GHG® Pro-Grade™ Timber Pack

Late-season tactics call for realism, especially when hunting flooded timber. GHG Pro-Grade Timber pack may offer the realism needed to decoy shy ducks by combining the new January mallard style with GHG's hybrid black ducks.

Pack includes: 

  • Two January Mallard Swivel Head Drakes
  • Two January Mallard Rester Drakes
  • Two Hybrid Black Duck Active Drakes


Flambeau – Full-Body Mallard Decoys

Flambeau's new full-body mallard offers a new Storm Front option for field hunting.

  • Each 6-pack includes (2) Active Drakes
  • (2) Feeding Drakes; (1) Active Hen; and (1)Feeding hen.
  • Measuring 18.5-inches in length
  • Magnum size allowing for more visibility
  • New decoys also feature an ultra-smooth “lockable" wind powered motion base

DCVR – Amphibious Decoy Stand

Changing decoy strategies can be tough when you're on the move.  DCVR Amphibious decoy stands allow hunters to transform keeled duck or goose decoys into a field decoy in seconds, by sliding keel into patented triangle head design.

Made of ¼ inch cold-rolled steel and powder coated for protection. Ideal for use in shallow water, cut agriculture fields, snow covered fields and frozen ground. 


GHG® Pro-Grade™ Marsh Pack

GHG's Pro-Grade Marsh Pack offers a multi-species look for the big marsh or coastal marsh hunter. 
Pack includes:

  • One mallard swivel-head drake
  • One mallard rester hen
  • One wigeon high-head drake
  • One wigeon rester hen
  • One green-winged teal high-head drake 
  • One green-winged teal rester hen


Final Approach Gunners HD – Floating Feeders

Add HD Gunners floating feeders to any spread for added realism and life-like feel for passing waterfowl. 

  • Most lifelike anatomy on the market
  • Vivid paint scheme 
  • Weighted keel 
  • Two pack includes: 1 drake 1 hen

G&H Mallard Shell Decoys

These lightweight G&H mallard shell decoys allow shallow-water hunters or field hunters the option for big numbers with little effort.

  • Larger size makes them easier to see from the air
  • Fully adjustable swivel heads
  • Motion stakes add realistic movement
  • Very realistic wing and feather detail
  • Stackable for easy transport
  • Comes with six drakes (three feeders, two walker/preeners, one resting) and six hens (three feeders, two greeters, one resting). Per 12.


Tanglefree Migration Mallard Fully Flocked Decoys

Tanglefree has added fully flocked mallards to their floating decoy lineup. The foam-filled bodies allow the decoys to ride high in the water to catch passing waterfowl's attention. 

Weighted keel. Drakes only. Per six.

Dimensions: Resters 17-3/4 inches long; uprights 17-3/4 inches and skimmer drakes 21 1/2 inches.


Higdon Decoys - Battleship Super-Magnum Black Ducks

Higdon's Battleship line of super-magnum black duck decoys are designed to draw attention from long distances. 

Swivel heads add variety and realism.

Includes two upright drakes, two resting drakes, one upright hen and one resting hen. 


Dakota Decoys™ - Full-Body Mallard Decoys

Dakota's has added full-body mallards to their collection, providing field and shallow-water hunters a new option.  These full-bodied, one-piece decoys provide an anatomically correct solution for any situation.

Six-pack includes two drake feeders, two drake uprights, one hen feeder, one hen upright and Wind Walker motion bases. 



NEW RedHead® Duck Decoys - Black Duck

RedHead has launched a new line of black duck decoys to provide hunters with additional options to create a realistic decoy spread.  New features include:

  • "Saw Tooth" keel design
  • Flame-treated paint for years of use in the harshest conditions
  • Set of one dozen includes 6 drakes and 6 hens.



Tanglefree - Pintail Butts

Create the look and feel of feeding pintails in your spread this season with Tanglefree's pintail butts.

  • Weighted keel
  • Each set includes two drakes that are 13 inches x 6-3/4-inches.

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