What's on the Web: November/December

With so many new and engaging features on www.ducks.org it's tough to only promote a few.  Here's three new features

DU Migration App Receives Upgrades

The DU Migration Map continues to grow in popularity among waterfowlers. In addition, DU's companion Migration App, ranked among the nation's most popular apps in the sports category, has received multiple upgrades in 2012. New features include snow cover maps, links to state agencies and national wildlife refuges, improved search capabilities, report validation, and a built in flashlight.  

DU Members Receive Online Journal Access 

DU launched its Waterfowler's Journal App late last year, allowing hunters to keep a log of their hunts on their mobile phone. Now DU members can record information about their hunts through a personal online account. If you have the Waterfowler's Journal App, you can enter information while in the field and then return to your computer to take advantage of many bonus features. Go to ducks.org/myjournal for more information.

Must-See Waterfowl 360 videos

Waterfowl 360 offers a wealth of new video content for avid waterfowlers. Visit often for regularly updated how-to videos on gear, tips, and tactics from Ducks Unlimited TV, product manufacturers, DU partners, and outdoor television personalities.