Favorite DU Photos: September 2012

Member photos of the day from the month of September
Mallard out for a walk in the snow. (photo by Robin Poole)

Sound of the Call. David Vanicor, Rice Field Hunt, 12-3-2011 (photo by Clayton Whitaker)

Dale and Dani (Dale Earnhardt Jr and Danica Patrick). Dale's retired from hunting and passing the torch to Dani. (photo by Bill Jones)

Bufflehead. (photo by Mark Locke)

(photo by Christopher Montano)

Morning on the lake. (photo by William Thomas)

Greenhead preening his feathers. I like this photo because it shows all of his colors. (photo by Cecil Calloway) 

Mallard pair on the wing. (photo by Brent J. Gale)

Early morning hunt on the bay. (photo by Ken Mead)

Northern Minnesota, in all her splendor. (photo by Jeff Guith)

0 Gadwalls avian persona at the wetlands. (photo by David Morgan)

1 (photo by Andrew King)

2 The decoys at sunset after a great hunt in October. (photo by Tyler Kolb)