California Duck Validation sheet

No Longer referred to as a stamp, the California Duck Validation sheet may be purchased online at, in person at any DFG license sales office (a list of which can be found at or from any license agent (, where validations can be purchased at the same terminal as the hunting license.

Although waterfowlers are no longer required to affix a physical stamp to the actual license like in the past, the physical stamps are still produced for collectors' purposed. The DFG fully realizes how much the physical stamp is appreciated so they have continued to produce them. If hunters purchase the California Duck Validation sheet and still want to receive an actual stamp, they must request it online at

The DFG's new automated system now handles the stamp situation much differently by printing the "Privilege of Validation" directly on the license.

For hunters not fortunate enough to have private hunting access, DFG License Program Analyst, Glenn Underwood, suggests accessing the state's waterfowl reservation system. Although some  refuge areas are extremely difficult to draw, reservations are currently issued by random drawings performed through the Automated License Data System (ALDS) with drawing results posted online. They are only viewable by the individual after logging in to ALDS.

Underwood publishes the drawing statistics online and mails them to hunters each year along with the Waterfowl Season Update. He also posts the drawing results online for the convenience of hunters. The computerized drawing systems used for big game tags and waterfowl reservation have pre-draw and post draw audit logs that record all the steps in the drawing and awarding of tags and reservations.