DU volunteers band ducks in South Dakota

IPSWICH, S.D. – More than 30 volunteers got the opportunity recently to band ducks at Ducks Unlimited’s Goebel Ranch in South Dakota during DU South Dakota’s fourth annual volunteer day. The volunteers helped DU staff band more than 200 ducks at different wetlands around the ranch.
Randy Meidinger, DU manager of conservation programs for South Dakota, talked with the group about the importance of DU’s work in South Dakota.

Lynn Tjerdsma, S.D. Sen. John Thune’s Farm Bill specialist, also joined in the day, learning more about DU’s work in the Prairie Pothole Region and banding ducks. Renee Latterell, Farm Bill specialist for Rep. Kristi Noem, met with the group the previous evening.

DU has banded more than 27,000 ducks in the last 10 years at Goebel. DU, along with state and federal agencies, bands ducks to help determine harvest and survival rates, as well as wintering and migration distribution.