New Waterfowl Migration Map Features

Now entering its fifth season, the DU Waterfowl Migration Map is back and loaded with new features to help you follow the ducks this year!

More Hunting & Habitat Reports

This season the map will feature frequent hunting and habitat reports from DU biologists, wildlife managers and freelance editors across the nation. These reports can be identified by the yellow report markers on the map.

National Wildlife Refuge Layer

Looking for public land to hunt? There are many National Wildlife Refuges across the nation open to public hunting. Use this new layer to find a refuge near you.

Snow Cover Maps

Last year, a new weather layer was added to the map. This season, we've included snow cover maps which show current snow depth across the U.S. See snow cover for today or any date in the past.

Share Reports on Facebook

Want to share your report on Facebook? Did you read someone else's report that you'd like to share? Now you can with the click of a button! Look for the Facebook icon below each report.

New "Contact Me" Feature

Often times, our visitors would like to contact a person who submitted a report. This season, you can allow others to contact you (if you wish) for each report. If a person has enabled this feature, you'll see an envelope next to their name. Click it, send a note and make a connection!

Mobile App Enhancements

Our Waterfowl Migration apps have also been upgraded for 2012 with the features listed above - along with others!  Learn more about these by visiting our iPhone and Android detail pages.