Favorite DU Photos: August 2012

Member photos of the day from the month of August
Female mallard landing. (photo by Cecil Calloway)

Hunting with our future. (photo by Matt Slosar)

(photo by Rich Ferguson)

(photo by Chris Montano Jr.)

This double-crested cormorant makes a large catch. (photo by Bill Houghton)

Wigeons coming in. (photo by Jordan Lybeck)

A small group of mallards resting on ice in mid-December. (photo by David Bunchalk)

(photo by David Riccio)

Waiting for the snow geese (photo by Willie Gloe)

Buck at six and a half months, on another fine Texas hunt. (photo by David Leos)

0 A pair of hooded mergansers takes off from glass-like water at the Edwin B. Forsythe NWR, Oceanville, NJ. (photo by Eric Reuter)

1 (photo by Troy Mitchell)

2 This is a pre-hunt photo of my yellow lab Banks. He is eargerly waiting for me and my brothers to put the finishing touches on our decoy spread in a cut corn field. (photo by Collins Prescott)

3 My chessie, Satilla, wishing for some duck action. (photo by Jason Jennings)