Blakely Byrd

DU Field Editor: Columbia, South Carolina

From: Columbia, SC

Years with DU: 9 (3 regular 6 Greenwing)


Years waterfowl hunting: 3


Favorite waterfowl species: Pintails


Preferred hunting style: I prefer hunting puddle ducks from a blind over divers from a boat. I hunt on public land and don't have my own blind, so I create temporary blinds with trees and branches that are there.


Waterfowling gun: Winchester SX3 12ga.

About Blakely:

I'm an avid sportswoman from the midlands of South Carolina.  The love of hunting runs in my blood and has been passed down to me from many generations of hunters. My passion for chasing birds began at a young age with clay pigeons at my father’s skeet club. I started hunting upland birds with my dad, uncle, and grandfather at the age of 12.

I later began cultivating my true passion of harvesting ducks in the swamps of South Carolina. At home, I focus mainly on hunting divers because there is little competition; however, I'm blessed to be able to travel west each year to chase the bigger puddle ducks.

To me, nothing is better than watching a group of 60-80 pintails circling the decoys, a hard feat in South Carolina. Through experiences I have matured into a devout waterfowl hunter and my love for the sport has become part of my every day life.