California Waterfowl Seasons Approved

The duck season regulations have been approved by the California Fish & Game Commission. Once again the state will have a liberal season and liberal bag limits. The General Season will be 100 days starting on Oct 20, 2012 and going to Jan 27, 2013 with a bag limit of 7 ducks which may contain 7 mallards of which only 2 can be hens, 2 pintails, 1 canvasback and 2 redheads. This year they have increased the number of scaup in the daily bag limit to 7. Scaup had a very good hatch this year therefore the increase in the limit from 3 to 7. 
For the complete breakdown on zone dates and regulations go to the Fish & Game website then click Waterfowl. As of today they have not updated the proposed listing but they have been approved by the commission as stated. Motorized spinning wings will again be allowed after Dec 1.