Kansas DU License Plates

Get your Kansas DU license plate today!Show your support of Ducks Unlimited with pride by purchasing a Kansas DU License Plate! The plates have the DU duck head emblem on the left side and the words "Ducks Unlimited" on the bottom. The $35 tax-deductible annual fee for the plates will go directly to the support of Ducks Unlimited.

Purchasing these plates has never been easier.
  • Simply click the "Buy Now" button at the bottom of this email to pay the $35 per vehicle to DU. We will email you a paid receipt and a statement that you have been authorized to purchase your plate by Ducks Unlimited, so please provide us with a current email address when you fill in your personal information. You may also pay this fee directly to your County Treasurer, who will remit it to DU on your behalf.

  • Once you pay online and receive your confirmation emails, take both emails to your County Treasurer Motor Vehicle Registration Office to apply for your DU plate.

  • While at the County Treasurer Motor Vehicle Registration Office, you will need to fill out any additional forms and pay additional fees as required by law, including a one-time $46 personalized plate fee.

This is a wonderful way to show your support of DU and it also can have a significant impact on our annual income as you renew your DU plates. Don't put it off any longer – support DU now with your new Ducks Unlimited license plate!