Favorite DU Photos: July 2012

Member photos of the day from the month of July
A wigeon in flight. (photo by Ron Charest)

"Shooter" in North Dakota prairie near Alsen. (photo by Bob Foster)

Miller hunting. (photo by Ruben Delao)

(photo by Michael Goode)

The look. (photo by Nic Paskett)

The end of another good day on the marsh, Tuckahoe Wildlife Management Area in New Jersey. (photo by Richard Milnes)

Diesel's last retrieve of the New York 2011 season a great late season Greenhead. (photo by Jordan Lamay)

Greenhead landing. (photo by Cecil Calloway)

(photo by Rob Whitney)

Tucker spring snow goose. (photo by Marshall Hintze) 

0 Canada goose watching over her young. (photo by Brent Gale)

1 Canada Goose closeup. (photo by Robin Poole)