New Goose Calls for 2012

It's the perfect time of year to get a new goose call

Legendary waterfowl hunter and outdoor writer Nash Buckingham once said, "A duck call in the hands of the unskilled is one of conservation's greatest assets." The August Gear Guide contains new duck and goose call options for the 2012-2013 waterfowl season. It's the perfect time of year to get a new duck or goose call, and there's still time before opening day to learn how to use it. 

Haydel's Game Calls – "Shorty" Cut-Down Speck

Haydel's introduces the "Shorty" cut-down speck call. This call has a shortened blowing barrel that positions the airflow closer to the reed for maximum control. This call also features a hand-shaved (sanded) reed for easy blowing. It produces easy yodels and sweet clucks.

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Rich-N-Tone Warbird Goose Call

The RNT Warbird Goose Call was designed and built from the ground up by World Champion Goose Caller Shawn Stahl. This call was built to be fast, yet simple to operate for the masses or a beginner. Rich-N-Tone has taken the raw, aggressive nature of the Microgoose Call and combined it with the simple operation of the fan-favorite G3. From the Warbird's classic style and ergonomic insert design to its new B.I.G. (Broke In Guts) system, this will be your call of choice when working birds on a windy day. Go to war with the Warbird!

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Rich-N-Tone Mongoose Goose Call

The Mongoose Goose Call by RNT was designed and built by World Champion Goose Caller Shawn Stahl and is the newest addition to the growing line of RNT goose calls. When creating the Mongoose, Shawn and RNT retained the simple ease of the G3, but added a better, more advanced operation palette with the response through the Broke In Guts system. The Mongoose is easy to operate and highly advanced from field to stage!

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Haydel's Feather Lite Speck

Haydel's Feather Lite Speck call features a feather-light shaved reed for easy blowing, as requested by many South Louisiana guides who constantly use their calls. This call produces an easy yodel with realistic volume that works wonders on spooky, call-shy birds.

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Pacific Calls – 509 Goose Call

Pacific Calls' 509 Canada goose call has the range and capability that experienced callers want, but the ease of use and forgiveness new callers need. A medium-format call, the 509 offers callers varying tones and multiple volumes for any calling situation.

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Tim Grounds – Overhauler "G" 

The Tim Grounds Overhauler "G" produces all the short-reed goose call vocalizations needed for Canada goose hunting. This newly designed Air Flow Control mouth piece, matched up with Grounds' Triple Crown Gut System, provides volume control and the ability to produce loud comebacks and soft laydowns with ease.

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Zink Calls – Snow Storm

This custom acrylic call features a ported end-piece that allows the resulting tones to spread over a large area. The Zink Snow Storm mimics the yelping bark of young snow geese, yet still allows the caller to duplicate the pleading, low-pitched clucks and murmurs of adult birds. Each Snow Storm comes with extra reeds, an instructional DVD, a Zink Calls leg band and a protective hard case.

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Buck Gardner – Grey Ghost Goose Call for DU's 75th Anniversary

The Buck Gardner Grey Ghost goose calls are individually assembled and feature a hand-shaved reed and stainless steel band. The double-polycarbonate insert is hand tuned by Buck Gardner Pro Staff tuners and the call is available with a black and silver diamond wood barrel. The Grey Ghost offers a wide range of tones needed for call-shy Canadas and comes backed by Buck Gardner's 100% lifetime guarantee.

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