New Duck Calls for 2012

It's the perfect time of year to get a new duck call

Legendary outdoor writer Nash Buckingham once said, "A duck call in the hands of the unskilled is one of conservation's greatest assets." The August Gear Guide contains new duck and goose call options for the 2012-2013 waterfowl season. It's the perfect time of year to get a new duck or goose call, and there's still time before opening day to learn how to use it. 

Buck Gardner – Spit-Fire Duck Call for DU's 75th Anniversary

The Spit-Fire is a 1.5-reed call with Buck Gardner's trademark Short Barrel Technology™ for call control. The durable polycarbonate insert offers non-stick capabilities. The Spit-Fire barrel comes in black and silver diamond wood and the call is backed by Buck Gardner's 100% lifetime guarantee.

This call can be ordered on DU's website.

Haydel's Game Calls – Flamin' Bos d' Arch Cajun Squeal

Haydel's new Flamin' Bos d' Arch Mallard call features the classic double-reed Cajun Squeal parts in a beautiful Bois d' Arch or Hedge body. This call has the Haydel's double-O-ring seal.

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Echo Calls – Breaker

Echo's acrylic Breaker calls are designed with extra punch to attract high-flying mallards in multiple hunting scenarios. The single-reed Breaker will also come down to a soft, nasally sound to finish even the shyest of ducks. The Breaker is available in four colors.

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Primos – Original Wench

The Primos Original Wench® Duck Call is a double-reed call and has a barrel made of hard, polycarbonate material that produces a realistic, high-volume duck call. Ridges and ditches on the sounding board give the call raspy highs and lows and keep it from sticking, and the tuning hole in the ball allows you to change the pitch of the call and imitate multiple ducks.

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Tim Grounds – Lil Woods Sweet Meet

Grounds' compact Lil Sweet Meet is a polycarbonate call that offers controlled quacks, double cuts and feeding chuckles. The Lil Woods Sweet Meet was specially designed for timber hunting.

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Tim Grounds – Overhauler "D" Duck Call

This single-reed, all-acrylic call produces the loud, consistent mallard quacks Grounds is known for. The Overhauler "D" provides all the high and low sounds needed in any hunting situation.

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Zink – Nothing but Green NBG

Designed specifically for greenhead hunters, Zink's new Nothing But Green (NBG) single reed offers versatility and sound recreation. The NBG allows experienced callers to sound like multiple hen mallards, effectively creating a cone of sound irresistible to even the wariest drake. This innovative new call features Zink's Z-CUT no-stick tone channel, a revolutionary design that permits a huge range of tones, while virtually eliminating the irritating reed-lock common with lesser calls.

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Field Proven Calls – Double Shot 

Field Proven's Double Shot is a double-reed duck call that was tested for two years prior to release. The short mouthpiece allows the call to have deep, low-end quacks and short cadences, while easily transitioning to young, high-pitched, excited hens. It can also be custom tuned to meet the needs of callers who want stiffer-tuned calls or lighter-tuned calls. Like all Field Proven Calls, it comes with the Field Proven Promise Lifetime Warranty.

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Death Row Calls – REV 

Death Row's REV is an acrylic, single-reed duck call with the ability to provide multiple tones. The moisture-control grooves offer no sticking and the stay-tuned wedge maintains the call's tune.

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Pacific Calls – ITF Duck Call

The ITF is Pacific's deadly duck call that can be set up in either a single- or double-reed format. Engineered and built to meet the demands of hunters, from hails to feed chuckles, the ITF is duck through and through. It does all you need to bring the birds in close so you can shoot them "In The Face."

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Watkins Duck Calls – Hybrid Swamp Bore

A hand-tuned acrylic call, the Hybrid Swamp Bore is the original Swamp Bore's big brother. This call retains the tone of the original swamp bore, but is slightly louder and has the ability for mid-range top end. The call's high reed set provides a no-stick option for callers looking for an easy-to-use call.

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Rolling Thunder Game Calls – Hybrid Cut Down

New for 2012, RTGC has created a hybrid cut down. This new hybrid has a combination of the bark expected from a cut down and the sweetness you want in a true meat call. This call will break ducks in high-pressure situations when you want to hammer down with some serious bark, and finish skittish ducks with all of the subtle clucks, squeals and whines you would expect from a meat call.

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RNT Calls – DC Mondo

The DC Mondo is a single-reed call reminiscent of the cut-down Key Hole calls made famous by guides hunting high-pressured, public-ground ducks in the hardwood bottoms of Arkansas and Louisiana. The Mondo has an extremely short insert that creates very little back pressure, allowing the call to produce that hard, loud, raspy sound of a mallard hen, as well as that trademark loud, squeaky chatter. 

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