Favorite DU Photos: June 2012

(photo by Andrew Rosko)

Harlequin Duck (Male), cruising the inlet at Barnegat Light, NJ. (photo by Eric Reuter)

Pintail drake and hen with blue winged teal at Black Point Wildlife Drive in Merritt Island Natinal Wildlife Refuge. (photo by Dwayne Curry)

Canada goose watching over her young. (photo by Brent J. Gale)

(photo by Tracie Edwards)

Morning in Michigan. (photo by Brian Spychalski)

"Mosby" and my son after a muddy day at Boggy Creek. (photo by Brian Epps)

Chase's first water entry. Five months old, took four running bounds, hit the water swimming like an old pro, trailing his big sister, Juno. (photo by Kyle Green)

Cool picture I took of my buddy at the end of a hunt at the Yolo Refuge. (photo by Kenneth Myer)

Ries, 8 month old yellow lab, waits patiently. (photo by Sam Wright)

0 Shooter in Grand Haven, MI. (photo by Nick Reutter)

1 Blue-winged Teal on Potomac River - Belle Haven Park. (photo by Kim Taylor)

2 Wood ducks scouting out a place to call home. (photo by Dale Schielke)

3 (photo by Sari Hewlett-Pacheco)