DU-TV: 2011 Episodes

Full episodes for the 2011 season are available online now! Click on the episode titles below to see a show description, preview it and watch the episode online. And don't forget: the 2013 season of DU-TV is airing now through December on the Outdoor Channel! Visit www.ducks.org/dutv to see a preview.

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"2011 DU-TV Season Preview" "DU-TV Bloopers (2011)"
Ep.1 - "Alberta Divers" Ep.2 - "Saskatchewan Mixed Bag"
Ep.3 - "Texas Teal and Dove" Ep.4 - "Texas Teal"
Ep.5 - "Devil's Lake and Green Bay" Ep.6 - "Missiouri: 3 Generations of DU"
Ep.7 - "Nebraska: Platte River" Ep.8 - "Missouri: Rich Hill"
Ep.9 - "Chesapeake Bay, MD" Ep.10 - "Washington State Mallards"
Ep.11 - "Kansas Canadas" Ep.12 - "Snow Goose Conservation"
Ep.13 - "DU 75th Anniversary Special" "2012 DU-TV Season Preview"

"2011 DU-TV Season Preview"

The world's leader in wetland and waterfowl conservation teams up with The Outdoor Channel to bring you Ducks Unlimited Television. Travel along with hosts Huntley Ritter and Mike Checkett as they hunt and explore the foremost flyways of North America in Ducks Unlimited Television presented by MidwayUSA. Pick up useful tips on shooting and hunting from Wade Bourne. Extend your season with DU-TV as we celebrate conservation and our rich waterfowling heritage.

"DU-TV Bloopers (2011)"

The waterfowling world is designed for unexpected bloopers. Unfortunately for the the DU-TV crew, there's always someone taping their mishaps. Meet Huntley Ritter, the new host of DU-TV, in this bloopers video from the 2011 show taping.

Ep.1 - "Alberta Divers"

DU-TV introduces new show host Huntley Ritter as he joins Mike Checkett and DU Canada's top volunteer, President Jack Hole, on a surprise-filled, freelance diver hunt on the parkland lakes of Alberta.

Ep.2 - "Saskatchewan Mixed Bag"

The DU-TV crew heads to the open prairies of central Saskatchewan for a mixed-bag waterfowl foray in the agricultural fields and potholes of this DU priority area.

Ep.3 - "Texas Teal and Dove"

Huntley Ritter rides into town for a fast-paced, early season teal and dove hunt on the Texas Garwood Prairie with Texas DU volunteers, staff and friends of the ducks.

Ep.4 - "Texas Teal"

Huntley Ritter continues the fast-paced action on the Texas Garwood Prairie with Texas DU volunteers, staff and friends of the ducks.

Ep.5 - "Devil's Lake and Green Bay"

Things don't always go as planned when freelancing waterfowl, particularly when big lakes and storms are mentioned in the same sentence. See how hosts Huntley Ritter and Mike Checkett adapt to a tough couple of tough situations.

Ep.6 - "Missiouri: 3 Generations of DU"

The DU-TV crew joins the Chambers family as they host the Columbia, Mo., DU Dinner event and the DU-TV crew for some mid-Missouri mallard hospitality.

Ep.7 - "Nebraska: Platte River"

Huntley joins Nebraska DU conservation staff and three landowners working hand-in-hand with DU to protect the Platte River and its associated wetlands. (Oh, and they shoot some ducks and geese, too.)

Ep.8 - "Missouri: Rich Hill"

Mike introduces Huntley to a couple of his closest college duck hunting friends in Southwest Missouri. Renowned waterfowl artist Scot Storm rounds out the group for this classic Missouri mallard hunt.

Ep.9 - "Chesapeake Bay, MD"

Huntley joins DU supporter Capt. Charles Jobes and his family for a traditional body booting hunt for ducks and Canada geese on the historic and icy Susquehanna Flats.

Ep.10 - "Washington State Mallards"

Huntley heads to Seattle, Wash., to join volunteers from DU's number one chapter in the U.S. for an action-packed Pacific Northwest mallard hunt.

Ep.11 - "Kansas Canadas"

Mike Checkett joins DU volunteers and DU corporate partner Avery Outdoors staffers for an incredible late-season Canada goose hunt in the snow.

Ep.12 - "Snow Goose Conservation: A Tale of 2 Provinces"

Huntley and Mike put a different kind of conservation into action during a fall Saskatchewan and spring Québec snow goose hunt.

Ep.13 - "DU 75th Anniversary Special"

Huntley Ritter visits Ducks Unlimited's National Headquarters in Memphis, Tenn., to reveal the historic progress and future goals of North America's leading wetlands and waterfowl conservation organization on the eve of its 75th anniversary.

"DU-TV 2012 Season Preview"

Are you ready for waterfowl season? Get in the blind with the 2012 Ducks Unlimited Television show, beginning the first week of July.


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