Favorite DU Photos: May 2012

Member photos of the day from the month of May
"Emme on Watch" (photo by C. Connelly)

"'Bella' Photo was taken on the Pamlico Sound in NC during the 2010-2011 hunting season." (photo by Neill Pollock)

"Miller hunting" (photo by Ruben Delao)

"Buddy waiting to play while he is hanging out at the pick'n house with the fellows" (photo by Gene Shaner)

"'Shooter' in North Dakota prairie near Alsen." (photo by Bob Foster)

(photo by Russ Verbofsky)

"A large flock of Snow Geese erupts and takes off right in front of me. The flock that day numbered close to 2000 birds. Edwin B. Forsythe NWR, Oceanville, NJ." (photo by Eric Reuter)

"Just a couple of geese, thought I would take a picture." (photo by Josh James)

(photo by Chris Montano, Jr.)

"A canvasback taking flight." (photo by Ron Charest)

0 "A wigeon in flight." (photo by Ron Charest)