Favorite DU Photos: April 2012

Member photos of the day from the month of April
"Chocolate lab 'Toby' sitting at a hunt. Waiting for a duck to fall. Full cover." (photo by Brent Ohman)

"Here, Bruno waits in a sit/stay position while I toss out some decoys for his first dry run at a blind we will hunt this fall." (photo by Alex Birch)

"My son Nathan (14 years) on Opening Day (October 8, 2011) in the Lower Klamath Refuge hunting for Speck's in the fog." (photo by James Scott)

"Here come the woodies." (photo by Randy York)

"No Ducks Today" (photo by Nathan Sudbury)

"Snow geese at the Queens State Wildlife Area in southeast Colorado" (photo by Holger Jensen)

(photo by DU Member)

"Mallard Hen, waking up after a night's roost." (photo by Chase Dixon)

"Lake Galena, Peace Valley Park, Bucks County, PA" (photo by DU Member)

(photo by William White)

0 "Hen Woodie taking a late afternoon break from nesting" (photo by C. Connelly)

1 "Common Merganser Drakes in flight" (photo by Brent J. Gale)

2 "San Jacinto Wildlife Area Sunset 12/31/11 - picking up the decoys." (photo by Eric Metz)

3 (photo by Alex Hilburn)