Ohio congressional support grows for NAWCA

Ducks Unlimited thanks Rep. Bob Latta for cosponsoring H.R. 1960, the house bill to extend the authorization of appropriations for allocation to carry out approved wetlands conservation projects under the North American Wetlands Conservation Act through fiscal year 2017. Latta joins Rep. Steve Stivers, also from Ohio, in his support of the bill. 

NAWCA is set to expire at the end of fiscal year 2012. Reauthorization measures have been introduced in the House and the Senate (S. 2282) with strong bipartisan support, but more co-sponsors are needed on both sides to extend the program through 2017 and beyond. NAWCA appropriations have also declined by 25 percent—or $12 million—over the last two years. For a program often matched 3 to 1 by non-federal funding, this actually means $48 million in on-the-ground conservation work cannot be accomplished.