Favorite DU Photos: March 2012

Member photos of the day from the month of March
"Wigeon drake emerges onto the ice" (photo by Tom Reichner)

"Canada Goose at Tifft Nature Preserve Buffalo, NY" (photo by Scott Gorenflo)

"Wood Ducks American River" (photo by Chris Knight)

"Blue-winged Teal" (photo by Mark Lasnek)

"Early Goose season in northern Minnesota." (photo by Scott Anderson)

"Amy retrieving a mallard drake on a cold snowy day" (photo by Brent Gale)

(photo by Rich Ferguson)

"Duddly watching for incoming birds" (photo by DU member)

"Hallie with a Surf Scoter" (photo by Ryan James)

"This was taken in a small pond in Walnut Creek California." (photo by Chris. J. Montano, Jr.)

0 "Patiently waiting." (photo by Nicholas Merrill)

1 (photo by James Jacobson)