Construction Nearly Complete at Franklin Parker Preserve

New Jersey Conservation Foundation purchased the 10,000-acre Franklin Parker Preserve to protect its critical natural resources. FPP included 1,100 acres of cranberry bogs that were targeted for restoration with support from the Natural Resources Conservation Service. NJCF and NRCS approached Ducks Unlimited to provide a topographical survey, engineering design, and construction management on four large wetland complexes totaling 888 acres, including Jake's Spung, Speedwell-Little Italy, Arpins and Goodwater. A team of DU biologists and engineers drafted a site plan, received approval from NJCF and NRCS and received permits for construction, which began in 2010.

Construction was finished in 2011 on Jake's Spung, the largest and most cumbersome of the wetlands at FPP, as well as Speedwell-Little Italy, its downstream neighbor, and Arpins. Construction at Goodwater is underway and should be finished in 2011. All told, their restoration includes 47 water control structures, 18 armored spillways, and 96 dike breaches, and will restore wildlife habitat, water quality, and quality of life in New Jersey.