Favorite DU Photos: January 2012

Member photos of the day from the month of January
"'Waiting for the next bird' - In memory of our Sweet 'Paw' Tater, he left us too young" (photo by Brad Fenton)

"Cedar in the blind for her first day out hunting" (photo by Chris Barton)

"Spring Snows at Grand Pass" (photo by DU Member)

"Ducks and geese feeding on wheat while being harvested." (photo by Michael Hutchings)

(photo by Randy Langenberg)

"Snow and Ross Geese Blast off from rice fields near the Sutter Buttes CA" (photo by Chris Knight)

"Sunrise on the marsh" (photo by Greg Erickson)

"Drake and hen Mallards outside our back door. You've got to love spring on the prairies." (photo by Rachel Bush)

"Early morning scout" (photo by Gregory Bachman)

(photo by Jordan Lybeck)

0 (photo by Ethan Shotwell)

1 "7 year old, Indy at Lake Okeechobee. He sees them faster than me most of the time." (photo by Richard Bates)

2 "While on a hunt I snapped this picture, these two friends of mine were watching ducks working the water behind us, after this picture it started to snow, and it turned into a good hunt." (photo by Troy Leistner)

3 "Midnite with a speck 2012" (photo by Donald Kalahar)