Maine: Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge

and Howard Mill and Upper Magurrewock Impoundment Enhancement
Moosehorn NWR is the easternmost national wildlife refuge in the Atlantic Flyway. It provides critical emergent wetland habitat for breeding American black ducks and other nesting and migrating waterfowl. Moosehorn's uplands are also regionally significant habitat for American woodcock and are intensively managed to help promote this species, as well as moose, white-tailed deer and numerous migratory songbirds.

Ducks Unlimited engineered new water-control structures for two impoundments to improve management and habitats for breeding black ducks and spawning Eastern brook trout. 

Engineers developed a first-of-its-kind combination drop log/screw gate water-control structure featuring aluminum fish ladders that can be raised and lowered with water levels to promote the passage of spawning trout. The work has impacted a total of 158 acres of habitat inside Howard Mill and Upper Magurrework Impoundment.

This enhancement project has improved angling and permit hunting opportunities in the area. Hiking, canoeing and general non-motorized recreation are also popular activities at Moosehorn.

Partners: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Ducks Unlimited