Ohio: Pickerel Creek Wildlife Area

Pickerel Creek was the "flagship project" of Ohio's initial North American Waterfowl Management Plan efforts and the first project, outlined here, restored 380 acres of emergent marsh on the Pickerel Creek Wildlife Area and paved the way for a series of important projects to follow.

Ducks Unlimited helped complete the second phase of the Pickerel Creek project in 1993 by restoring 475 acres of wetlands, helping complete the Boggy Bottoms project in 2004 in the same area, enhancing 40 acres of moist-soil wetlands. A National Coastal Wetlands Conservation grant was used in 2008 to restore 283 acres of mixed wetland types and more than 100 acres of native prairie within Pickerel Creek WA.

This project was funded in part by a North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA) grant. Ducks Unlimited helped secure this first standard NAWCA grant for conservation work in Ohio.

Partners: Ohio Department of Natural Resources – Division of Wildlife, Maumee Audubon, Lake Erie Wildfowlers, Ohio Plan Conservation Clubs and Wildlife Legislative Fund of America and Ducks Unlimited