Vermont: Pomainville Wildlife Management Area

In 2006, Edward Pomainville placed 356 acres of habitat into the Wetlands Reserve Program with a perpetual conservation easement, making this the largest WRP project in Vermont to date. Ducks Unlimited, in partnership with the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife Waterfowl Fund, purchased the land from Mr. Pomainville to create the Pomainville Wildlife Management Area, owned and managed by the VTDFW.

Restoration of wetlands along the 8,360-foot frontage of Otter Creek was undertaken in August 2005 by plugging existing drainage ditches and installing water-control structures. 

Some upland habitat was planted to dense nesting cover for waterfowl and other grassland-nesting birds. Recent monitoring showed tremendous response by various bird species. Recent fish sampling at Pomainville also shows that pike and other fish species are thriving in the newly created habitat.

Pomainville WMA provides public-use recreational opportunities including hunting, fishing, bird watching and other activities.

Partners: USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife, National Wildlife Federation, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Waterfowl USA and Ducks Unlimited