BirdNote national radio program airs special episode honoring DU's 75th anniversary

On Friday, Jan. 27, tune in to the national radio program BirdNote® for a special tribute episode in honor of Ducks Unlimited's 75th anniversary.

This special installment of BirdNote outlines DU's start in the 'Dirty Thirties,' when a small group of conservation-minded individuals looked past the challenges of the Dust Bowl era and the Great Depression to a future of healthy wetlands teeming with waterfowl.

Also discussed is DU's recent pledge of $50 million to protect grasslands and wetlands in the Prairie Pothole Region of North and South Dakota, one of DU's most critical priority areas for its conservation work. The Prairie Pothole Region contains some of the world's premier nesting habitat for many waterfowl species.

BirdNote logoUsing real bird sounds from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the BirdNote program informs listeners about the intriguing ways and amazing capabilities of birds. It also highlights people and organizations across the country working to conserve birds and their habitats, such as Ducks Unlimited.

Now in its eighth year, the two-minute BirdNote program can be heard on stations in all four of the country's flyways. To find out where you can tune in to hear this special DU program and more BirdNote episodes, visit or download the BirdNote station distribution map (PDF).

And for more information on DU's yearlong 75th anniversary celebration, please visit